CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart

Fried Dähn/Patrick Bebelaar - dafd

Bachfest Tuebingen:  'dafd' is a piece combining sinewaves with analog historic sounds.
Bootshaus Tuebingen sept. 28, 10:30 pm.

CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart

Yellow String Quartet in Vienna

performing Zappa, Zinke, Dähn and Steve Reich. WUK Vienna, oct 6 at 7:30 pm. Live visuals by Kurt Laurenz Theinert.

CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart


live at Bix Stuttgart oct 24. Finest worldjazz with indian singer Fauzia Maria Beg, Frank Kroll (sax, bcl), Fried Dähn (electric cello) and Uwe Kühner (drums and percussion).



"dähn creates a world of wilfully entrancing complexity and unmistakeable commitment; suddenly a beautiful motif appears, then he juxtaposes puritan classic with distorted sound, instinctively provokes metaphorical associations between gurgling speech fragments and folk-music."


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Zappanale 2018: Fried Dähn & Skin of Clazz performing Treggae (Küting/Skin of Clazz).



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every month i will upload a brandnew, unpublished piece for you to listen!




here you find some videos featuring me in various projects...


My work as a composer becomes more and more important to me.   I find it extremely satisfying to experiment with musical structures, melodies and rhythms and to arrange them in a specific form. Here you find some examples... feel free to contact me for more information.

CAMP Festival

one of my favorite projects: CAMP festival - international festival for Visual Music. We just started preparing our 20th anniversary, which will happen summer 2020 in Stuttgart.