:::: art of duo

one of my favorite combination is the duo. i am working with kurt laurenz theinert and his visual piano on audiovisual concert forms, featuring me on electric cello as well as computer, sampler and various controllers. the programs combines different sorts of music from classical to contemporary. here a link to one of the latest performances.

Monday, 27-Feb-2017, 07:29 PM GMT

:::: new pics

some new pictures.. and some old ones. gallery.

Tuesday, 31-Jan-2017, 04:28 PM GMT

:::: this was 100 dada

watch the video. 100 years of dada. the birthday show composed by fried dähn and thomas maos. with the wuerttemberg philharmonic orchestra reutlingen, theater reutlingen die tonne and vj benjamin jantzen.

Sunday, 8-Jan-2017, 12:45 AM GMT