CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart

map & fold festival

Potenzial [aka Fried Dähn & Thomas Maos] and Kasumi [video] opening map & fold festival nov 11 at 8pm Schlachthof Tübingen.  Postponed to Feb '22



CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart

Dähn Settelmeyer Duo

Concert with Bernd Settelmeyer (drums) and myself Nov 13 at 7:30 pm. Diözesanmuseum Rottenburg.

CAMP 2015 | Stuttgart

Double Release Concert

Finally! Live presentation now & then at Sudhaus Tübingen. Dec 2nd, 8pm.




"Dähn creates a world of wilfully entrancing complexity and unmistakeable commitment; suddenly a beautiful motif appears, then he juxtaposes puritan classic with distorted sound, instinctively provokes metaphorical associations between gurgling speech fragments and folk-music."


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Die Sonografen - Laurenz Theinert & Fried Dähn



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here you find some videos featuring me in various projects...


My work as a composer becomes more and more important to me.   I find it extremely satisfying to experiment with musical structures, melodies and rhythms and to arrange them in a specific form. Here you find some examples... feel free to contact me for more information.

CAMP Festival

one of my favorite projects: CAMP festival - international festival for Visual Music. The 20th anniversary edition takes place july 31- aug 7 at Wagenhallen in Stuttgart.