Fried Dähn  | cuento

title song of my cd 'cuento. a piece which i still like to play a lot.

Max Lilja & Fried Dähn - Morposis (Lilja)

Performance was filmed on Max Lilja & Fried Dähn - Double Cello - tour in Germany in November 2018. Lilja and Dähn performed their electronic influenced solo sets and a duo set including songs from both artists.

Indira Quartet - Worldjazz

with Fauzia Maria Beg - vocals, Frank Kroll - sax, bcl., Fried Dähn - electric cello und Uwe Kühner - drums, percussion. live at Sudhaus Tübingen october 2017 .

Onomatopoeia Perturbation Consort

Live at Zappanale 2016.   Frank Zappa 'The Air' from the LP Uncle Meat. With Martin Nagy – voice | Endre Holezki – voice and perfromance | Carsten Netz – sax, clarinet, flute, | Fabian Wendt – bass | Bernd Settelmeyer – drums | Thomas Maos – electric guitar | Fried Dähn – electric cello.


3rd movement of my composition AURA for klangsteine [sounding stones] and strings. With Klaus Fessmann – Klangsteine | Alexander Lauterwasser - water-sound-projections and the strings  of the Wurttemberg Philharmonic Reutlingen.



spanish cat

for Sonic Visions I wrote a new score for the 'surreal' silent movie 'Un chien andalou' by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. Performed live by the Wurttemberg Philharmonic Reutlingen.

100 DADA

celebrating the hundredth birthday of dada with a 100 minute length piece featuring the Theater Reutlingen die Tonne, the Wurttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Videoartist Benjamin Jantzen. Thomas Maos wrote the lyrics, i wrote the music.



add Dähn | Theinert 

electric cello, visual piano. Die Sonografen live at Q-Galerie Schorndorf.

Dähn | Settelmeyer

Bernd and me usually just enter the stage and start to improvise with sounds, patterns and grooves.