Potenzial & Kasumi

Audiovisual performance Potenzial [sound] and Kasumi [video] map & fold festival Schlachthof Tübingen Nov 11 at 8 pm.

Kasumi is an artist who works in a broad range of media: directing and producing short and feature length experimental films, live shows, VJ and public art production, creating looping electronic sculptures, designing motion graphics and animated gifs, producing immersive 360 virtual reality pieces and making fine art pieces and wearable art through glitch, data moshing, and silk screen painting.

POTENZIAL latest musical project from Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos. The founders of Camp Festival and curators of Sonic Visions are linked by a musical and artistic friendship that has lasted for more than two decades. Both are cross-border commuters and are constantly researching and expanding the possibilities of their instruments. They are passionate about combining different art forms. They work both conceptually and intuitively and combine noise, rock, new jazz and contemporary music.

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