CAMP Festival

The international festival  CAMP offers an innovative interactive laboratory for sound artists, media artists, musicians, dancers, performers and scientists. The event takes place in varying cities throughout Europe and features experimental and electronic music in dialogue with visual and performing arts. For several days, artists collaborate on audio-visual projects and present them to the public in a final performance. All works are generated and realised during the festival. In addition, artistic research, lectures and workshops discuss, convey and develop various themes and aspects of audio/visual art. The concept of CAMP mirrors our hybrid digital era in which improvisation is paramount and in which genres, media and techniques are more intertwined than ever before.


The CAMP Festival was founded in 1999 by Prof. Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos. Since 2003 it has been organized, run and coordinated by CAMP e.V. (Thomas Maos, Fried Dähn, Stefan Hartmaier, and Martin Mangold).
Each festival is staged at a different location, with a new team of international artists. The unfamiliar spaces, the associated creative criteria, and collaboration with new artists pose challenges that unlock vast creative potential and foster intensive international dialogue.


The development of new forms of artistic presentation in sound and light art, in the context of contemporary and forward-looking creative approaches. International dialogue and collaboration between artists from different backgrounds produce a catalytic effect at both a personal and cultural level.

Education and Research

Topics, issues, and results are processed and presented in lectures and workshops.  The artists' work is documented and analyzed. The text, images, and video documentation of rehearsals provide a wealth of material which is made available to the project partners  and to interested external parties.