further projects

Die Sonografen - Kurt Laurent Theinert (visual piano) www.theinert-lichtkunst.de and Fried (electric and acoustic cello) presenting an audiovisual performance combining sound and visuals in a spectacular space-filling experience.
Duo DS - Fried Dähn and Bernd Settelmeyer (drums)  www.settelmeyer.de. An energetic mix of improvised music: grooves, patterns, loops and ethnic soundscapes. 
Pianist Patrick Bebelaar www.bebelaar.de is a creative partner in various projects. 
Since more then 20 nears he works with Klaus Fessmann www.klaus-fessmann.de and his Klangsteine (sound stones).
They produced several CDs, created music for films and toured intensively.
Numerous individual projects with musicians, performers, visual artists and dancers. He played with Antonis Anissegos, Mike Svoboda, Thomas Maos, Lauren Newton, Jaap Blonk, Don Preston, Christopher Garcia, Rainer Tempel, Dave Douglas, Manfred Kniel, Vincent Royer, Jürgen Grözinger, Henning Sieverts, Kurt Holzkämper, Helmut Müller, Endre Holeczy, Büdi Siebert, Paolo Alvarez, Udo Eberl, Ekkehard Rössle, Martin Schnabel, Ulrike Helmholz, Friedrich Förster, Phillip Geist, Manuela Hartel, Mihaela Kavdanska, Uli Mitzlaff, Nuno Rebelo, Cinty Ionescu, Adrian Borza, Claus Stötter, Frank Heinz, Haegar, Frank Schulte, Ull Möck, Fabian Wendt, Barbara Padron Hernandez, Vitor Joaquim, Carlos Zingaro and many more.